An Autoresponder is a computer software/program that automatically can collect and store customers’ information, answers with prewritten e-mails and manage one-to-one communication with customers in the order and frequency that a company needs to pass successfully its messages to them.

The biggest mistake that most of the companies do with Autoresponders is to start sending repeated emails to everybody and for their offers only, from the very first message. This is a HUGE mistake! No matter how good a product is in a given period of time, the main purpose with an Autoresponder is to educate people by providing them with information that are VALUABLE to them. Sales will come but in a later stage.  


The Right Use of an Autoresponder System

=>  Start your Autoresponder messages with a series of emails that will build trust with you and your customers.

=>  Provide them with valuable information for them and their business

=>  Honestly help them overcome difficulties they face today and you will have them as your business customers for life.

=>  Allow them time to get to know you as a person and also your business.

=>  Sign yourself the automated emails you sent to your customers including a picture of you.

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