The Fundamentals of Marketing refer to all those information and actions needed to satisfy a customer’s Need, Want or Desire at a profit!

By Taking the Course you will Learn:

  • What is Marketing
  • The Four main Elements of Marketing Mix
  • How to create Customer Value & Satisfaction
  • How to form Strategic Planning
  • The Two main Marketing Environments
  • How to Develop Marketing Opportunities
  • How to Analyze & Evaluate Consumer and Business Markets
  • How to Understand your consumers’ buying behavior
  • How to work with Business Markets
  • What is Market Segmentation,Targeting, Positioning and Differentiation
  • How to set Product Strategies and evaluate Products during the cycles of their lives
  • How to set Price Strategies for your products
  • How to choose the right Distribution Channel for your business and Manage Supply Chain Logistics
  • About Retail and Wholesale products
  • What is the communication/Promotion Mix and which method for promotion is the best for your products
  • How to use Marketing to build Social Identity

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