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If you did not notice it until now, for every URL (Uniform Resource Locator) there are some letters in front of a website i.e http:// or https:// and then the website like http://www.(nameofwebsite).


The http:// stands for “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol”.  For security purposes, this is enough when someone has a website and is just surfing into the internet for information hunting. On the other hand, if a website includes payment facilities, it SHOULD surely move to https:// option which is a secure way to protect that important information.  Furthermore and for your reference, please note that with http, any information is inputted into the system like Credit Card details, (Sensitive Data) will be converted into text and of course they will be able to be read by anyone and in all times, meaning that the information are insecured.


Now, if you have a website with payment options or an eshop then you will definitely need to use the security option of https://


https:// uses a security system called SSL which stands for Secure Socket Layer. What this system does, is to encrypt your customers’ sensitive data so it is much difficult for hackers to break through and steal that information.


If you have a website or an eShop, I strongly suggest to cross check the above info and to act accordingly.


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