A Live Conference Room (Webinar) is a software/program that allows you to communicate live in real time audio and video, present PowerPoint Presentations, and share your desktop or files with your subscribers. Participants may ask questions in writing or verbally and get immediate replies.  Live Conference Room otherwise explained is the so called “Webinars”. Anybody who has a computer and an internet connection can Broadcast in real time anywhere in the world. So powerful it is.

Why to use a “Live Conference Room”?

=>  Great opportunity to present a new product or a service.

=>  Inform people for an event.

=>  Communicate with many people simultaneously. Sometimes the number of participants in a Live Conference room can reach up to 100,000 people. Yes! You heard right! The number is correct!

=>  Solve problems instantly

=>  Excellent tool for MLM companies (Multi-Level Marketing). Top Leaders can communicate directly with their best people, guide and motivate them for greater success.

=>  Record the webinar and send the replay to people who did not manage to attend the live one.

=>  Regular communication, for people with same interests, builds trust and friendships.

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