Marketing Management is the Art and Science of Choosing Target Markets and Getting, Keeping and Increasing Customers  Through Creating, Managing, Communicating and Delivering Superior Customer Value

By Taking the course, you will Learn:

  • How to understand Marketing Management
  • How to Develop Marketing Strategies & Plans
  • How to Manage Digital Technology in Marketing
  • How to Capture Marketing Insights
  • How to Manage Market Research & Forecasting
  • How to Analyze Consumer & Business Markets
  • How to Connect with your customers
  • How to Create customer Value, Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • How to Build Strong Brands
  • How to Shape a Market Offering
  • How and when to introduce New Products in the market
  • How to Deliver Value
  • How to Design and Manage Supply Networks
  • How to Communicate Value
  • How to Manage Mass and Personal Communication
  • How to Manage Marketing Implementation & Control
  • How to Use Marketing Metrics

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