A Service is an act or performance offered by one party to another. Although the process may be tied to a physical product, the performance is essentially intangible and does not normally result in ownership of any of the factors of production.

By Taking the course, you will Learn How To:

  • Understand Services
  • Distinguish the differences between Services
  • Manage Service Encounters
  • Focus on Customers and Manage Relationships
  • Understand Customer Needs & Expectations
  • Recognize Customer behavior at a different Points in the service Experience
  • Create & Manage Valued Relationships
  • Handle Complaints and gain Customer Loyalty
  • Create Value in a Competitive Market
  • Search for competitive Advantage
  • Develop Positioning Maps
  • Plan & Create Services
  • Brand Service Products
  • Price correctly a Service Product
  • Plan & Manage Service Delivery
  • Organize Physical Evidence for your Services
  • Measure & Manage Capacity
  • Form Strategies to Manage Demand
  • Calculate Waiting Times
  • Work more efficiently with Reservations

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