Strategic Marketing is a Market-Driven process of strategy development, taking into account a constantly changing business environment and the need to deliver superior customer value.

By Taking the course, you will Learn:

  • How to form Strategic Marketing Planning
  • How to perform Market and Competitors Analysis
  • How to build effective financial Analysis for Marketing Planning & Control
  • How to set strategic customer Relationship Management
  • How to gain new capabilities for knowing more about your customers & markets
  • How to design Market-Driven Strategies
  • How to set Market Targeting and Strategic Positioning
  • How to build and maintain Strategic Relationships
  • How to identify innovative products and set New Product Strategies
  • How to set Strategic Brand Management
  • How to Value Chain Strategy
  • How to Set a Pricing Strategy
  • How to work with Promotion Strategies
  • How to set Advertising Strategies
  • How to set Sales Promotions Strategies
  • How to set Sales Force Strategies
  • How to set Internet Strategies
  • How to work Direct Marketing Strategies
  • How to Manage & Control the Implementation of a Marketing Strategy
  • How to use Marketing Metrics for better understanding of the results

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