Video Email Marketing, like email marketing, is the direct communication of a company to an individual (potential or current customer) or a group of people via electronic mail, including a video in the original email.

Video email Marketing has all the benefits of an email marketing but its impact to customer relations is much better and stronger. The reason for this, is simply the mentality of people who prefer to watch videos rather than focusing to read a message. Video includes “movements” which is easier to reach additional human senses like hearing and Vision. This tool can create emotions to people which cannot be done with a simple email so effectively.

Why to use Video Email Marketing

  • Emails containing video have 96% higher click-through rate than those without.
  • It is easier and more pleasant to Customers to watch a video
  • 80% of people use mobile phones for their business, henceforth their email correspondence.
  • Videos can include CTA (Call To Action) buttons directing your customers to another Landing page.
  • It can relax people with entertaining Videos, voice and music
  • Can reach bigger audience in all platforms and devices of the internet
  • Upload Video Animations
  • Upload Customer Testimonials
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Managing Director can video a Personal Message for his clients. It has stronger impact to customers.
  • Videos can go viral very fast.
  • Viewers respond more positively to a product after watching its video.

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