A Website, is a field in the internet web whereas a “person” can build an electronic presence for himself or his business with a series of different web pages. Purpose of the same is to create awareness for a specific issue and/or to generate sales.

Why is important for a company to have a Website today?

  • It can be seen from 3.5billion internet users today
  • Increases the hours of business operation. Collect customers’ requests when the company is closed i.e. weekends.
  • Opened 24/7
  • Easy way for existing and new customers to learn about the company’s products and services.
  • Business owners can build an electronic business presence (the website) adding ALL necessary info to gain trust and loyalty from their customers. It is much easier for website owners just to give the URL (Universal Resource Locator) of their website rather than trying to explain face to face and to each one of his potential future customers the operations of his company.
  • Easy and convenient way for customers to buy Online different products & services.
  • It helps the visitors to create a good perception about the company, building Trust and Loyalty
  • Promotion of products and services are cheaper than traditional methods
  • People can pay their bills electronically. Avoiding long queues and wasting of their time.
  • When building a website certain issues should be taken into serious consideration like colours, shape styles, shape sizes, content quality, photos used, uploading speed etc. All of these should match with the logo, philosophy and branding strategy of a company.
  • Finally, a Website should be Responsive, user friendly and simple. Messages should be very clear in every page. The more a visitor likes a page, the more time is more likely to stay in, therefore increasing the possibility to buy one or more of the products promoted.

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