Many times in our lives, we fall in “Traps” for various reasons.  This is normal because we do not have the right information to take “the Right Decision”. The digital time we live today, make it even easier to put ourselves in such uncomfortable situations. One of these traps that is very active nowadays is called “Sextortion”.

“Sextortion” targets mainly men and is done usually through the social media platforms.

Main purpose of it, is to “trick” a man to get into a sexual play with a woman with the purpose to ask money in order not to publish the “personal and sexual moments” of him got in a video by that woman!


How is being done

It all starts from a friend request of a nice and very attractive woman to a man. The man, from its nature and most of the times, will accept the friend request WITHOUT checking who that woman is. After the acceptance, a communication starts supposedly to know each other. Some of these women go straight to what they are after. Even from the first two – three sentences they confess to the men that they are “hot” and they want to have cybersex with them. Meanwhile, all this communication is done through visual contact so the man can see that woman with her underwear or very limited clothing on her, performing for him some very private sexual actions, to say it with a nice way.


From that moment, the woman tries to convince the man to do the same i.e. to get him completely naked so they could have fun!


Here is the trap! If the man accepts her demands and does the same, he may think that he has some good time.  What he doesn’t know though, is that ALL his ACTIONS…. Are being recorded on a video by that woman.


When the woman succeeds and gets the naked man on camera, then she stops the communication with him and she sent him a “Notice” saying with few simple words that all his actions were recorded on a video. The next message is to ask from him an amount of money so that the woman does not share this video to the man’s friends.


Many men pay whatever the amount is, in order not to get ridiculous and ashamed in the eyes of their friends, family members, associates, co-workers etc.

Few more things you should know about sextortion.


First of all, most of the times, behind a sextortion, it is not a “she” but a “he”. Men get videos from different porn websites and use them for sextortion.


Secondly, even if a man pays the amount requested, there is NO guarantee that the blackmailer will keep his word not to publish the video (sometimes they can do it just for fun).

Furthermore, if a man pays once, then they will blackmail him to pay more and multiple times in the future.


I hope the information given above for the subject in question armed you with the right knowledge and actions to know what to do if a similar situation arise for you or to one of your friends.


If you have any questions you want to be answered please send me an email and I will try to create a post for it in my website.


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While thanking you in advance for your time, I remain.  


Kind Regards,
Theocharis Katranis

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