Most of the times, the security of an email in a website is underestimated by many new and even experience website owners. It may look very simple but believe me it is not.


If you do not know, in our today’s digital time, there are some software/programs, otherwise called “email-harvesting robots” that have the ability to identify websites and scan web pages for email addresses. If the robots succeed to trace your emails, then your inbox will be filled up with hundreds and hundreds of unwanted spam emails.


Now! Imagine one day entering your office, switching on your computer, and login to your electronic mail. How frustrated will you be if you find out there, 800 or 1000 or even more unknown and unwanted emails? Imagine how more frustrated will you be, if you were supposed to prepare some offers to some of your most profitable customers and you waste your time trying to identify the emails they sent you. Very frustrating, isn’t it?


It is my personal philosophy to share valuable information with the people that are following me and I am connected with. Most probably you are one of them because you are now reading this email and I take this opportunity to thank you personally for your connection. Below, I give you a link to click on and get download instructions for a simple and a powerful wordpress plugin. Very easy installation and will definitely protect your email address from these email-harvesting robots and get you out of an unpleasant and very frustrated situation.


This plugin will encode your email address in your website into decimal and hexadecimal entities. Very difficult for the robots to break through!


To get the plugin, please CLICK HERE>>.


Have an amazing time whenever you are whatever you are doing!


Kind Regards,
Theocharis Katranis

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