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In my previous post, I explained in a very simple manner the meaning of Marketing. Today, I will try to explain with the same simple way, the meaning of “Internet Marketing”. 


What is today the real meaning of “Internet Marketing”?

Internet Marketing or other way stated Digital Marketing is the promotion of products and/or services through the use of Digital Technologies i.e. through the internet, mobile phone, tablets, ipads and other electronic devices.There are more Products/Services available than before (More Suppliers offering similar products/Services to a specific market).


Today, due to the advance technology we can use with all the above means for communication, promotion of a business is so effective and efficient like never before. Our life today became a “Digital” one. Most of the business people today do their job, duties and follow their daily responsibilities along with the operations of their companies directly from their mobile devices. No need to be in the office for long ours and to check upon everything. Many intelligence software are available that can do the job with specific tests and provide meaningful results within minutes.


One of the key success points of Marketing is the “flexibility level” of a business. This refers to the extent, the time and the capabilities of a company to adjust itself to the changes of a specific target market. With other words, it has the meaning of how well and how fast you can adjust your business with the changes of the needs, wants and desires of your customers. Needs of people are changing… the way we communicate with our customers is changing… we become Digital!


Companies which do not have an active Online Present either with a Website, Social Media Accounts, Email Marketing campaigns and/or Online Advertising will see their sales shrinking simply because some of their competitors will become them “Digital”.


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