In this article, I am giving some information what to do when you find a Cryptolocker email in your inbox. However, for your better understanding I give additional information for the same.

 A Cryptolocker Malware or otherwise stated Ransomware, is an email that you find unexpectedly in your inbox. It has all the contact details of a friend of yours like Telephone & Fax numbers, a normal physical address, email even a website. All these info, make you believe that the email you have in your inbox, was created and sent by your friend. Unfortunately, your friend has NO idea about it.

In addition to the above, it is important to notice that with a cryptolocker email, you will also receive an attachment of a zip.file. The comments you will read is about due invoices, i.e. unpaid bills that you will have to settle.

NEVER OPEN this kind of emails! Just Delete them from your inbox as well as from your Delete folder so there is no possibility to open it even by mistake.

If you open a “Cryptolocker” email it will start immediately to cipher all your data of your computer. Of course, the person behind this Malware/Ransomware is a hacker who will ask you an amount of money to pay him in order to unlock your computer and get your information back.

More or less the “Thread” looks like the picture below.


Also with the permission of my good friend Irini Kalotychou, and I really thank her for that, I attach below a sample of a Cryptolocker email I received from her so it is easier for you to understand it. As I mentioned below, my friend had no idea about it.


So, with the information provided, I want to believe that I gave you the right information to know so you can protect your data from a threat like that.

Kind Regards,
Theocharis Katranis











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